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The Voice of the Australia's Agricultural Manufacturers Industry


Agriculture is in a very strong position in Australia, commodity prices are strong now and are expected to stay that way long into the future. Proper recognition and leveraging of the high-level business capabilities of manufacturers within the Supply Chain will help sustain the Industry. 

Manufacturers and processors across the wide range of agricultural products add enormous value to Australia's economy. Yet they largely share the same challenges. In particular:

  • A reversal of the massive energy price increases seen over the past two years

  • Security of supply

  • Policy certainty, especially as it relates to the NEG

  • Challenges in realising the full value of new generation power sources 

  • Planning permissions

  • Working with brokers

What was needed was an alliance that would advocate for the agricultural industry. The Australian Agricultural Manufacturers Alliance (AAMA) was formed, representing over 100,000 jobs and in excess of $40bn contribution to the Australian economy. 

Tackling industry's most pressing challenges

Representing industry and advocating for change for agricultural manufacturing's key areas

Water issues
Regulatory burden

What We Do

The group works to address the identified issues as well as seeking to improve supply chain recognition. This includes recognition that manufacturing plays a pivotal role in the agricultural supply chain as the conduit between raw material and market.

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